Bomber Blue Mouth Horse Bits June 9, 2015 08:47

Bomber Blue Mouth Horse Bits

Horses love these bits for several reasons. The mouthpiece has a low port, which provides room for their tongue without interfering with their pallet. The mouth is made of hollow steel core so the bit is light yet strong. It is then covered with Bomber’s signature blue Nylon composite. Horses love the taste of the composite and the material encourages salivation.
Currently, these bits are (in North America) considered the new kid on the block. They have been used in South Africa (where they are made) as well as Australia for many years. If you were in Wellington, you would, without a doubt, have spotted a couple of the “Bomber Blue” bits from across the ring. Their signature mouthpiece comes with impossible to miss Tangerine Orange bit guards. On the West Coast, we will slowly start to see these great bits pop up more and more!

Bomber Blue bits have the properties of a light rubber bit with the strength of steel. When chewed on, the blue material will look scratched but it will last and not break down. These bits are very well priced when compared to their competition.

Why we love Bomber Blue bits:

-Ported mouthpiece for tongue relief

-Hollow steel core so bit is light

-Nylon composite

-Encourages salivation

-Horses like the flavor

-Chewers will scratch the bit but it won’t break down

-Great prices