Mullen (straight bar), Port and Waterford Horse Bits May 11, 2015 07:24



Mullen (straight bar)

The Mullen mouth applies even pressure across the entire tongue as well as to the bars. It is able to do this because it does not collapse in the horse’s mouth. Mullen mouths are often good for horses that back off from your leg. The down side to this bit is that some horses tend to lean on your hand with a Mullen mouth. If your horse is one of them, try using a double jointed bit or a Waterford.



Many people look at ported bits like they are cruel medieval contraptions; this is not the case. Ports allow space for the tongue because it is able to move into the port.

Ported bits take the pressure off the middle of the tongue while still applying pressure to the sides of the tongue and on bars. Ported bits are often good for horses that can’t figure out what to do with their tongue!




Waterford bits (also often called Bubble bit) have several joints through the entire mouthpiece. These bits are very moveable due to the loose flowing joints. What this means to your horse is that there is nothing to lean on and this means they have no choice but lighten up on the bit. This is a good bit for horses that like to lean on your hand. The Waterford forces them to hold themselves, which equals less work for you!