Leverage Bits- Lift me ups part 3 March 30, 2015 07:30

3 & 4 Rings

3 & 4 Rings are great for horses that like to put their head down and pull you and your hand down with them while they have their way with you. They are also great for horses that are built downhill. These bits should be used with two reins: one rein on the snaffle ring and one on the middle or lower ring. When used with two reins the rider is able to access more leverage and control when necessary. Depending on the curb ring you choose to use, the bit will have more or less leverage. The lower the ring from the mouth, the more leverage.


Gag bits look similar to a snaffle but have additional horizontal rings built into the top and bottom of each bit ring. Gag rounds (rope or leather) are passed through the gag holes then passed through a stainless steel ring, which is looped back through the rope and to which the rein is attached. Leather gag rounds are often dismantled via the buckle instead of the rein loop with a screw eye type fixture. When the rider pulls the reins, the bit activates by rotating and traveling up the gag rounds putting pressure on the horse’s poll and the sides of the mouth. This action causes the horse to lift and bend at the poll simultaneously. Gags should be used with two reins, the main reins on the snaffle and the curb rein on the gag round ring used only when necessary. Riders often use gags with only one rein. This works for many rider and horse combinations but often you see an over bent horse because of too much gag, not enough leg or a combination of both.