Leverage Bits- Lift me ups part 2 March 23, 2015 07:52

Swales Pelham

Experienced riders should use the Swales Pelham on strong horses. This bit is not recommended for less advanced riders. The Swales Pelham is a great bit in the correct rider’s hands. This bit actually lifts the horse’s head instead of putting pressure on the poll like regular Pelhams. This bit provides this action because the bit rings are connected and move along the mouthpiece. When the bit is activated, it pulls up and puts pressure on the curb chain thus lifting the horse’s head. Swales Pelhams usually have a low port on their mouthpiece. This small port makes room for the horse’s tongue. This bit is very effective in the Equitation division as well as for a strong horse in the jumper division.




Universal Bit (called many different names such as a two ring or a three ring)

This is a great bit with a hefty price tag. Before disqualifying it based purely on price lets go over its uses. It is unbelievably versatile because it has many rein configuration options (four options). It can be used as a Loose Ring with one rein, a Pelham with two reins, as a Gag or as a Pelham with converters. This bit can also be used with a curb strap or chain. It is a strong bit but at the same time a kind, soft bit. This bit is gentle but offers control when needed. Horses generally accept this bit and yield to it.