Loose Ring Twist Horse Bit Review by Team Canada's Tiffany Foster March 16, 2015 09:38

We interviewed Team Canada’s Tiffany Foster and asked her opinion of this bit:

Thierry: When would you use this bit?

Tiffany: "This bit is on the strong end of the scale for a snaffle. I would use this bit on a horse that has 

a somewhat dull mouth but that doesn't need any leverage to put its head down."


Thierry: What do you like or dislike about it?

Tiffany: "I am always a fan of a snaffle whenever possible so I like that there is no curb or gag rein. One downside is that I generally find horses are not very supple side to side in this bit and the nose band needs to be paired accordingly."


Thierry: Who should or shouldn’t use this bit?

Tiffany: "Again, this is a fairly strong snaffle so someone with a heavy hand shouldn't use it."


Thierry: If you were using this bit and you needed something slightly different or stronger, which bit would you try next?

Tiffany: "A stronger snaffle would be a corkscrew or a double twisted wire. If that wasn't appropriate, I would go to a Pelham or gag."


Thierry: Thank you for taking the time to explain this bit.

Tiffany: “Of course, any time!”